10 Minute High Intensity Workouts from Home

There are so many excuses as to why not-to-workout. I've heard it all but most commonly-

"The gym is too expensive, and not in my budget"

"I don't have gym equipment at home"

"I just don't have the time"

Now there is absolutely no excuses. Here I have compiled 10 workouts that are at no cost, no equipment, and in very little time. So whether you cannot afford a gym membership, or equipment, or you feel like you just don't have the time. These workouts are made just for you in mind.

To get the most out these high intensity exercises aim for two 20 reps within 30 seconds. Rest 10 seconds in between, and complete within 10 minutes.

Wall Sit

This work out is great for your quadriceps. Place your back against a wall at a 90 degree angle with both feet shoulder width apart. You can place your arms against the wall or for more rigor, fold your arms and hold them up in front of you as demonstrated in the photo.


Pushups workout your pectoral muscles, triceps, abdominal muscles, shoulders and back. There are multiple variations of pushups you can do, but here is a basic pushup. The more spread apart your arms are, the more of a chest workout you get opposed to working out your arms.

Sit Ups

Sit ups are great for strengthening your abdominal muscles. Lay down on the floor with your back to the floor and both feet planted on the ground, knees bent. Arms can be crossed in front of your chest, or you may also have your hands behind your head. Important not to use your hands to push your head forward for these exercises as it may strain your neck.


Planks strengthen your abdominal muscles. The more further our your have your arms extended, the more challenging this exercise will be. Hold yourself in this position for 30 seconds. Take a break, and hold for another 30 seconds.

Side Planks

There are many variations to planks. For this exercise you are going to want to lie on your side and prop yourself on your arm with your elbow and forearm resting on the ground. Your other arm can be in the position as demonstrated in the figure to the left, or for more of a challenge you can reach your arm upwards. Raise your hips off the ground until your body is aligned straight. Contract your abdomen muscles and hold this position.


Workout your glutes and hamstrings with effective squats. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and arms held in front of you. Bend your knees and lower your body as far as you can. Quickly pull yourself back up and repeat.

High Knee-Running in Place

For this exercise you will be running in place. Start with your arms at your side then raise your knees one at a time at chest height moving your arms forward and backward in conjunction with your running movement. Do this as quickly as you can.

Alternating Lunges

Begin by standing with both feet shoulder lengths apart. Move one leg forward and bend your knee and lower your body as far as you can keeping your back leg bent but not resting on the floor. Rise your body back to standing position and repeat on the other leg.

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