Training Benefits of Mixed Martial Arts



Want to know the training benefits of Martial Arts? Here are 7 reasons why you should be training in MMA:


  1. Agility- Students will become more agile and versatile in their movements and in their ability to maneuver.

  2. Flexibility - Stretches will increase the bodies mobility and precision of techniques. The result will be a body that is limber and healthy. Ligaments and muscles will recover quickly and grow stronger as a result.

  3. Self-Defense- Mixed Martial Arts teaches a very eclectic variety of martial arts into a comprehensive combat sport that gives a student the opportunity to learn an effective form of self-defense wear results can be seen through competition and in training. Although techniques are geared to be effective in the ring or cage they can be altered to effective in the streets where real world altercations occur.

  4. Strength- It is impossible to not increase in physical strength with the training that a student is subjected to with plyometric, isometric, and calisthenic work outs its impossible not to see results in strength. These results will also be seen in increased physical muscle tone and definition.

  5. Confidence- A new found ability to defend ones self and others will create a calmness and self assurance in the trainee. Through the development of a powerful physical prowess practitioners will experience a new found confidence that resinates to the core of their being. As every aspect of their mind and body is exercised, trained, and pushed to higher heights through various levels of training that are taught this confidence will over flow. A student will also see weight loss and muscle firmness, strengthening, and growth.

  6. Stamina & Endurance- Like any endurance sport there are many motions and techniques that have to be repeated over and over. Some with high intensity and duration and others with more precision and timing. The cardiovascular system will adapt and get stronger as a student progresses in training.

  7. Coordination- The techniques practiced will increase and strengthen coordination through repetition and application with mitt and pad work. The application of techniques in real life with a training partner will help to improve the real world results of the training. Hand eye coordination through striking combinations and defensive and offensive techniques create stronger neuro pathways and elasticity in the mind body connection.

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