Training Benefits of Muay Thai



You're probably wondering, how is Muay Thai beneficial for me and my health? Today I'm talking to you about 7 major training benefits of Muay Thai.



  1. Increased Cardiovascular Conditioning -The level of conditioning that Muay Thai offers for people training regularly are incredible. Muay Thai is both an aerobic and anaerobic activity — the martial art places a ton of stress on your cardiopulmonary systems. The reason that Muay Thai fighters are able to go 3-5 rounds without tiring is from a strong cardiovascular endurance training. Your body is constantly put into stress to adapt to the needs of the sport. Keep this in mind when it comes time to do those extra 100 jump ropes; it will pay off in the end.

  2. Increased Upper Body Strength- Punches and clinches strengthen the forearms and biceps. Increasing the power of the muscle fibers making them dense and firm at the same time heightening their endurance. Their are devastating upper body strikes and clinch performed in Muay Thai strengthening explosive upper body power and stamina. Lean chiseled arms are the end result.

  3. Leg Strength-The heavily utilized muscle groups when training Muay Thai are the leg muscles. Virtually every muscle in your lower body can be improved upon by doing the multitude of different kicks and footwork drills that are happening in a typical Muay Thai training session. Muscle endurance will increase through all the leg drills, force production will increase, your agility and footwork will increase, and aesthetically your leg muscles will be firmer. Everyone has seen the premiere fighters in the Muay Thai world and their calves. This comes from the years of training they have received.

  4. Increased Balance - Balance is mandatory to perform many of the kicks and strikes and is cultivated through meticulous training in Muay Thai. As a student progresses in the art they will find their center and understand how to shift their weight increasing power in their strikes in kicks and punches. Pivoting and shifting weight from the ground up through the limbs to produce massive amounts of force in every hit.

  5. Increased Flexibility- The stretches that are taught increase the bodies ability to deliver versatile strikes with greater power. The body will become more limber and agile allowing for more fluidity and accuracy in movements in training and against opponents.

  6. Increased Mobility-One often overlooked benefit of training Muay Thai that can help you later in life is an increase in hip mobility. Studies have shown that people who don’t participate in sports or exercise regularly will have a high chance of developing serious pain or medical conditions later in life. The kicking and kneeing movements and the rotation of these muscles will increase the mobility of your hips, and will save you from a load of pain in the future. As with all martial arts, in order to not become injured, a strong post-workout routine revolving around stretching is key to staying healthy.

  7. Stress Relief- As the body is made to undergo vigorous and intense training endorphins are produced and released for maintaining mental fitness, and will reduce stress. These chemicals in the brain act as natural painkillers and also improve the ability to sleep and relax.

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